Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Off Season Digest # 2: Can You Take Howie With You?

In a move that make me very happy and saddened at the same time, Gary Cohen, who has been on the Mets radio team for 17 years, has been promoted to the team's main TV voice and will do 125 games on the new Mets network, SportsNet New York. I am very happy because if anyone deserves to be the voice you associate with the Mets after Bob Murphy's passing, it is Gary. I am saddened because this breaks up what was easily the best radio team in the baseball broadcasting business, Gary and Howie Rose. I would love it if this new Mets network went against the grain and didn't hire a player to be the analyst and brought Howie back to TV. Imagine those two trading off on TV like they do on radio? It would be baseball heaven.

Alas, that isn't likely to happen. But what this move does mean (and I hope I'm not cursing Mets fans by saying this) but it looks like Fran Healy is FINALLY OUT. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Every single report about the SportsNet NY analyst job has focused on Keith Hernandez or Al Leiter, and either of those I could handle. One would imagine that the okay team of Dave O'Brien and Tom Seaver will stay on the Ch. 11 side of things.

Once again, congratulations Gary, and I look forward to listening to you for many years to come.

UPDATE: It looks like Cohen will be doing all 162 games for the team, which I guess would include Ch. 11 games, according to Plus other folks chime in, like Faith and Fear and MetsBlog.

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