Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Terrific Trio: Kiner's One Liner Korner

Only watched two innings-plus of today's game. That was long enough to get this gem from our legend in the booth, Ralph Kiner:

Gary: "So Ralph, what will be your favorite memory you'll take away from Shea?"
Ralph: "Leaving."

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Terrific Trio: History, English and Commercials

I wish I had taken more notes during Thursday night's game, as I'd like to have given you full rundowns on The Trio discussing Ron's ubiquitous Sovereign bank ads (which Ron admitted he had never seen until Thursday morning), Keith correcting his use of English History the night before (which lead to Gary saying, "We're all Flatheads here") or Kevin Burkhardt's sitting near the Tommy Agee home run marker in the upper deck and two attractive girls taking his picture when he was off mic (Ron: "He's a rock star!" Keith: "Kevin, you better tell them you're married."). But I was cooking using one of my many cookbooks for the first time, so I needed to give my kitchen my full attention. (And yes, the chicken and pasta both came out great, thanks for asking.) However, I did get this excellent exchange:

Keith: (Commenting on a batter not swinging at a pitch out of the strike zone) "The fish ain't biting...excuse me, the fish aren't biting. You should never say ain't."
Gary: "You can say ain't. It is baseball."

Murph's Booth: And He Kept on Walking

I listened to WFAN for all of Wednesday night's slopfest and for the extra innings of Thursday night's nail-biter, and it's apparent that Howie Rose and Wayne Hagin are slowly finding where they fit together. As as play-by-play guy Hagin still seems half a step slow and has a tendency to say things with a pause, like "it's hit to the shortstop...Reyes." But he did set up Rose for some excellent insights by asking him average fan questions about Shea and Mets team history that drew out some good responses.

It was during the later innings of Wednesday night's that the new duo really clicked. Rose was asking Hagin about his time in Colorado as the voice of the Rockies, and then told a story about Bob Murphy getting upset after a game at Coors Field.

Howie: "So we're in the elevator and Murph says to me, 'I don't know what that was, but it wasn't baseball.' Then he walked out of the elevator into the night."

Wayne: "And the next day he was found in Colorado Springs still muttering about it! (They both laugh, then Hagin sighs) I wish he had taken me with him." (They both laugh loudly)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Murph's Booth: So, What Do We Talk About?

(Ed. note -- I decided if I was to blog about any games this season I listened to only on the radio, I must name it after the booth at Shea named for the late Bob Murphy)

Since last night seemed to be the only one on the docket the week without rain in the forecast, I packed up my cart and my pocket AM/FM radio and went down to Clean Rite to wash my clothes. And after three hours of listening to the always awesome Howie Rose and his new partner, the laid back Wayne Hagin, I must say it's a work in progress. That's understandable, considering it was only the third game of the season and they only worked a couple of spring training games together. Rose seemed a bit tentative at times, as if he wasn't sure how to draw Hagin into the conversation as he did play-by-play. And Hagin seems a step behind the play at times, but I did find his relaxed style appealing after three hours. (Maybe if it were the Mets getting blown out I'd have a different opinion, but let's hope we never find out.) Hagin -- who obviously doesn't know the ins and outs of the Mets history like Rose does -- did offer up some interesting anecdotes drawn from his previous stops as the play-by-play man for the Giants, Rockies and Cardinals. I'll be interested to hear how their chemistry develops over this season.

PS: Zoe at Pick Me Up Some Mets has started a drinking game to play when The Terrific Trio are in the booth. Thank goodness I'm on the wagon for April or I would be dead.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Terrific Trio: The Sounds of Physical Silence

(Well, that lie lasted less than 12 hours....)

Whoa. I've never heard the three man booth become so silent as they did tonight when Pedro Martinez grabbed his left hamstring. Ugh.

I only felt compelled to write down one exchange that came after a mention of Tampa Bay Rays pitcher James Shields.

Ron: "Shields made that start because Scott Kashmir is on the D.L."
(three seconds of silence)
Ron: "I said Kashmir, I meant Kazmir."
Gary: "'Kashmir' is Led Zeppelin."
Keith: "Physical Graffiti--that's a double album."

Trampled under foot, indeed.

I Suppose I Should Write Something About 2008

After our regular commenter Theresa checked in below, I figured I should take to the blog today to give an update on all things Zisk. Our next print edition is due out the first week of May, baring any setbacks. And when I say setbacks, I mean yours truly going into the E.R. again or going through eight hours of medical tests in one day like I did last week. I did watch yesterday afternoon's game, but not close enough to take note of what our beloved trio were saying in the booth. I'm still getting used to my new combination of high blood pressure drugs, so sometimes I'm focused, alert and my normal self. Other days, I am very sluggish, have a hard time focusing on anything and my spelling becomes even worse.

Even before my medical issues, Mike and I discussed what, if anything, we would do Mets-blogging wise this year. He's got another kid on the way, so his writing time will be cut down even more. I felt extreme burnout on blogging by the end of last season. So I'm honestly not sure what we're going to do. I imagine when I start feeling better I'll feel compelled to write about our Terrific Trio. (Hey, that's a good name for what my posts could be called...) Until then, just consider us on the 15-day DL for now.