Friday, April 11, 2008

Murph's Booth: And He Kept on Walking

I listened to WFAN for all of Wednesday night's slopfest and for the extra innings of Thursday night's nail-biter, and it's apparent that Howie Rose and Wayne Hagin are slowly finding where they fit together. As as play-by-play guy Hagin still seems half a step slow and has a tendency to say things with a pause, like "it's hit to the shortstop...Reyes." But he did set up Rose for some excellent insights by asking him average fan questions about Shea and Mets team history that drew out some good responses.

It was during the later innings of Wednesday night's that the new duo really clicked. Rose was asking Hagin about his time in Colorado as the voice of the Rockies, and then told a story about Bob Murphy getting upset after a game at Coors Field.

Howie: "So we're in the elevator and Murph says to me, 'I don't know what that was, but it wasn't baseball.' Then he walked out of the elevator into the night."

Wayne: "And the next day he was found in Colorado Springs still muttering about it! (They both laugh, then Hagin sighs) I wish he had taken me with him." (They both laugh loudly)

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