Saturday, March 25, 2006

First Impressions of SNY

Friday I was stuck at the Zisk Brooklyn offices (a.k.a., my home) with a bit of a bug. After writing up some stories to send into work, I lumbered into my living room looking for some quality TV to listen to as I sprawled out in my recliner. As I flashed through the channels, I remembered that on Thursday Cablevision had come to an agreement to carry Sportsnet New York (SNY), the new cable outfit co-owned by the Mets. As I punched in 60 on my remote, I was rewarded with the glorious voice of Gary Cohen, describing the action to a T. Suddenly, I felt a whole lot better.

I listened/watched the Mets-cards pre-season game with as much focus as I could muster, and I came to this conclusion--this is awesome. Granted, the camera work and direction were still a bit shaky, but Cohen is just as great on TV as he was on radio. And what the heck happened to the Keith Hernandez who didn't seem to care about the game when he worked with that announcer whose name we won't mention because it will cause us to get angry remembering how horrible he was as a Mets broadcaster for almost two decades? This Hernandez was really good, providing good insights, some funny bits about playing and a genuinely touching story about how the Cards' Lou Brock took him under his wing. I can only imagine how good this duo will be once the games count.

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