Saturday, December 08, 2007

Random Notes & Thoughts

There's a few quick items I wanted to discuss and highlight and yell about before we put the website in sleep mode until spring training. (Of course, this nap could be short if the Red Sox or the Mets get Johan Santana in a trade.)

--A-Rod, real estate mogul
The always interesting Selena Roberts at the New York Times (soon to be a senior writer for Sports Illustrated) wrote a column that basically implied A-Rod was one step up from a slumlord with his properties in Florida. Oh, and his charity was cheap. It's as fine as a hatchet job as you'll see this year.

--Bowie Kuhn makes the Hall of Fame, while Marvin Miller is shut out
Kuhn was an incompetent boob and an owner's lackey, while Miller changed baseball more than any other person on the planet in the past century not named Jackie Robinson. What a fucking joke. Even former commish Fay Vincent sees how wrong this is in a Times op-ed piece that blasts the new Veteran's Committee.

--Bonds in court, and the Mitchell Report
Barry Bonds pled not guilty, as he should. (And seems to have assembled a good legal team.) Anyone that stands up to this government and their witch hunts I can support, no matter how much of an asshole Bonds is. The Mitchell Report is due next week, and I for one don't care who's in it. Is this going to change who I root for at all? No. Will I boo someone who's mention in the report? No. Sports has always had cheaters, always will have cheaters. I care more if the game will finally use instant replay to call close home run balls than if Joe Schmo used 'roids in 2002. I think more people feel this way than the mainstream sports media realizes.

--Irate Mets fans, bloggers and callers to WFAN and WFAN hosts
Lastly, I have one sentence to say to this group of people (which I am sure is not every Met fan) who have spewed nothing but negativity in the past two months:


When did all of them turn into Yankee fans? Nothing is ever good enough, everyone on the team is a moron, everyone in the front office is a moron, Willie Randolph is a moron, Lastings Milledge and Paul LaDuca are gone only because they spoke their mind, we should trade Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes for Santana or get rid of all the prospects for a pitcher from a team with a losing record. Oy vey, these people need to get some perspective.

Rooting for this team has been painful over the years, but baseball is also supposed to be fun people! I've certainly been guilty of being negative about this team. But when our group of Mets fans would trash the team at my office, we do it in a joking way that plays upon their bumbling history. (How many Mackey Sasser references can we make in one month?) And I like to have my teams win (my other favorite team just happened to win the World Series, so maybe I am not as bitter as other folks), but it doesn't always have to be a World Series win or the season's a bust. 1999 ended in the NLCS, but I wasn't depressed because that team was fun to watch all year. 2006 was a kick in the groin, but that version of the Mets was fun and entertaining (not full of themselves like the 2007 edition).

I read a comment from some moron posting on MetsBlog (which I commend for great coverage of the winter meetings in the Nashville) saying that by not making a trade for a top-line starter, "No wonder the Mets are the joke of the National League." Joke? JOKE? Hello, have you seen the Pirates? How about the Marlins, which could pay the team's 2008 payroll three times over just by their revenue sharing alone? Milwaukee hasn't been to the post season in 25 years!

(Fuckin' a, I should have noted that guy's screen name just so I could pick every post apart.)

With all this crap, I'm finding it hard to want to root for the Mets. I almost want them to do worse so all these idiot fans will have strokes while watching SNY. Next year would be the fourth year I'll have co-blogged about this team (with our Zisk founder Mike Faloon). If all this negativity continues, I have my doubts I'd want to continue. Being a voice of reason is only so much fun after a while.

So if you're a regular reader of the blog, let me know what you think in the comments. I'm off to write about albums I like for the next two weeks...

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