Monday, February 25, 2008

Why Write About Spring Training and the 2008 Season...

...when I can post this latest addition to the Krazy Keith legacy?

I'll write what I said out loud when I first watched it:




I may have to rethink this not blogging about Keith in '08 position.


Rickey said...

Nice blog. Rickey stumbled upon it when googling himself. Rickey approves of this find.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys! Ready for 2008!?

During the game yesterday, saw Darling's spot for Sovereign Bank-- classy and understated. What you'd expect from Ron. I'll take Keith's gleefully cheesy JFM spots any day of the week.

There were no lack of classic SNY booth moments in spring training games, and in yesterday's opener. Ronnie noted that the cramped Marlins broadcast booth afforded a "little too much man-love," which made me shake my head like a dog for a few seconds. Keith said something about running for office, to which Gary replied, "If you do, we'd all run for cover."

And of course, Zoe Rice has introduced the SNY Broadcast Drinking Game at her blog, which ensures we'll all be in rehab long before the pennant race even heats up.

Anonymous said...

PS, if you don't blog about the booth, I'll miss it.

PPS How ya doing, Rickey? You playing baseball somewhere?