Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Odds and Ends

Top 5 Most Embarrassing Moments as a Mets Fan in the Past Decade
5) That cheesy song (whose name I've blocked out) that they tried to introduce to kind of replace "Meet the Mets."

4) Art Howe telling the press Mike Piazza would play first base--before telling Piazza.

3) The second September collapse.

2) The Zambrano for Kazmir trade.

1) All of Monday, July 27th that didn't involve the actual game. At this point, I refuse to believe anything Omar Minaya or Jeff Wilpon have to say. Good thing I only am going to one more game this season.

Wow, after looking at that list, I can't believe I still watch this team's games. Speaking of...

Gary, Keith and Ron in Fine Form
I've actually watched much of the past two games, and these three have been on fire. I had to pause and rewind last night's game for this exchange:
(After some talk about Rockies pitcher Jason Marquis hitting a grand slam last year off the Mets, SNY shows footage of Seattle Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez doing the same thing at Shea.)
Keith: That's weird seeing old Shea isn't it?
Ron: You're right.
Gary: Very sad.
Ron: They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.
Gary: It's like going back to the old neighborhood and seeing your old building torn down for a shopping center.
Keith: Nice little Joni Mitchell, Ronnie
Ron: Thank you. (pause) We're more sensitive than you think.

Issue #18 Coming Along
Looks like the next issue should be heading out in the mail in mid-August. Oh, and still looking for a book deal.

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