Saturday, September 04, 2010

Oh, Hi There.

Yeah, I totally slacked off on the blog. For like the entire season. Sorry about that.

I found it hard to muster up enthusiasm for baseball because 1) my fantasy team was about as mediocre as it could be and 2) the Mets, well, jeebus, what do you say. I retweeted something Twitter about this Mets team being the closest to .500 for the longest time of any Mets team and my friend Brian responded with, "Of course here in Pittsburgh... we dream to someday have an average baseball team." And he's right, I should be happy the Mets are not the Pirates. But I think I would take a team playing .400 for an entire season with a thought that there was a plan for a future as opposed to knowing the organization wasn't run by a total bunch of fucking morons from the top on down. The only good thing I can say is that Gary, Keith and Ron are still entertaining. (And listening to the radio call has gotten tougher because Wayne Hagin has become insufferable. Fire Wayne Hagin, indeed.)

So let me say now, in the blogosphere, that if there isn't some serious change in the way the organization is run (as in, clean house in the front office and the coaching staff and actually admit mistakes and not to put a positive spin on everything) AND Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo aren't gone from the 2011 opening day roster, I won't be rooting for the Mets next year. I'll just get the MLB extra innings package and watch the Red Sox instead of listening to the occasional game through my iPhone. No games at Citifield either. They won't be getting my money until they stop acting like jackasses.

Oh, hey, Zisk #19 is done, and it's got a whole lot on Ichiro. You should have your print copy soon. The online version will go up at some point this month.

Finally, a couple of random thoughts:

--This Keith Hernandez site is, well, odd.

--Even though the story was later shot down, heckling Omar Minaya on a plane is awesome. I would have done it for sure.

--Frank Deford just missed our deadline.

--This piece by Joe Sheehan makes me enjoy statheads even more.

--Lastly, SNY is doing a great service with their new online show, Kiner's Korner Revisited. Ralph Kiner has sounded great this year, which is amazing.

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