Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Video Worth Checking Out

Yes, we know it's been very dark here on the Zisk blog. We haven't even commented on the Mets no hitter by Johan Santana, R.A. Dickey's back-to-back one hitters or the fact that the government wasted a bunch of money trying to convict Roger Clemens when everybody knew he would get off scott free. (Of course, that could all be in our print issue in the fall.)

We swear that that's going to change in the second half of the year (and the season). We promise, we've got some cool stuff to tell you about in July.

Until then, we've got something cool for you to watch!

Our friend Ken has been working on promotion for a new biography of Hall of Famer Lefty Gomez titled Lefty by Vernona Gomez and Lawrence Goldstone. He was given access to the Gomez family archives and put together a short film about teams of MLB All-Stars traveling to Japan in the 1930s. Please enjoy Baseball Comes to Japan.

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