Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Quiet Before the Storm (Sort Of?)

This final week of March--and before the 2013 baseball season--is kind of an odd one here in the Kensington office. I just did my fantasy draft tonight and feel pretty good about my team (which isn't hard to do when you're in an eight team mixed league). But all things baseball seem kind of in suspended animation until next week. To wit:

--Our deadline for Zisk issue #22 is Friday, so on Monday I'll be going over the final layout and sending last minute text to Mike to edit before we hit the copier one of these first two weekends of April.

--We'll be getting the hard copies of Fan Interference the second of week of April to do our last edits before the book goes to press and comes out on June 17th.

--Our book tour is coming together, but there's not enough confirmed yet to announce anything. I feel like a band that knows they'll be on the road, but can't tell their fans anything yet.

--I haven't watch one swing of one spring training game this year because I knew the extra long, WBC-filled spring training would be boring for me, commentators and at this point, the players. That is a first for me. And it makes me wonder if my brain will switch on to full on baseball mode on Monday. Perhaps it will take a while to warm up to regularly watching a team (the Mets) that I know will be bad. (And that's nothing to say of how much I dislike the dishonest owners. It really has colored everything I feel about them. I watch sports to escape reality--and the Wilpons have taken that away from me. Sigh)

--Even the Kickstarter (thanks again to those who pledged) project is in a holding pattern. All the extras have been sent out to pledgers, but then we've got a whole lot of books to sign for those that ordered autographed copies. My wrist needs this entire 2 months to get ready for that signing marathon.

Well, that's about where we are at in Zisk land. Once we get closer to publication of issue 22 next month and the book in June, we'll hopefully have more consistent updates. I'll also be blogging and Tweeting every day on tour, so by late July you'll be sick of reading my baseball-related ramblings.

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