Monday, September 30, 2013

The Whistler by David Lawton

Jackie Gutierrez was a free born Colombian
Cartagena de Indias’ pride
Through the streets of The Mother City
He learned how to run, play and ride

From a family of Olympic athletes
In a country where futbol is king
Jackie started taking infield at shortstop
Hit the cages to work on his swing

        You never know until you try
        You never know how high
        A dream can fly
        Like a white tern soaring
        Over Cartagena Bay
        Or a blast clearing the Monster
        At the Park de Fenway

Jackie followed his dream to the states in the minors
Worked with his dp partner to turn two
Because he never had learned to speak English
His shrill whistling became his cue

The Whistler became a fan favorite in Boston
He could throw that pill through the wall
But a big leaguer can never stick in the majors
If he never learns to hit the curve ball

        Nunca sabras hasta que trates
        No sabes a que altura
        Tu sueno puede volar
        Como una golondrina en alto
        Sobre Cartagena Bay
        O una explosion sobre El Monstro
        En el Parque de Fenway

Dave Lawton is a Red Sox fan living in New York City His poetry collection, Sharp Blue Stream, was published this year by Three Rooms Press. RIP George “Boomer” Scott, who played the game with joy. Thanks to Nubia Guzman for the Spanish translation.

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