Saturday, September 28, 2002

Couched Bubbles of Dreams by Dan Buck

As Dan fully couched in his sudzie, living, sleeping, room, he clearly dreamed of buying into the bubbled world of professional baseball cards. And, if he correctly cured never fixing his teeth, he could own a portion of his airy pursuit. So, he began beginning begun by resting on a semi-chewed stick of powered, hard gum.

Like a shorter stop, he pitched only catching a few inks, when his VIP phone rang and woke him unnaturally up. He, of course, knew it was his ownly, first based mother.

“I decided to move movely in with you and leave you all my money.” His switch handed mother, Amy, said.

“Can’t I just finish catching my out of it?” Dan saidly said, saying mostly to the crowded, cloudy walls.

“Of course,” Amy hardly said, “You can’t.”

“What about my owning professionally a bubbled gum baseball card company?” Danly completely whined up pitching to her.”

“That’s wholely, fully what I was thinking. But naturally, thirdly you have to umpire” Amy commoned his uncommon sense, “fixing all your ungripping, bunting teeth firstly first.”

So, doubled days later, he painfully ached with owning instead one company three half stranger teeth. But, then then bitefully he bit in with his awesome dentists, who owned, at least, mostly all the baseball players teeth.

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