Saturday, September 28, 2002

Eric Gagne by Scott Lee

Well, as of July 16, my favorite Dodger is Eric Gagne (although Shawn Green gave him a run for his money). The Dodgers, while in first place, have completely surpassed my expectation level for this season. However, I’m afraid they will pull a Boston Red Sox and end up in 3rd place—or three games out of the wild card before the season is over.

Anyway, why Gagne?

1. He has a dirty hat.

2. He has those goofy goggles.

3. He throws 98 miles per hour (at least through the first 40 games).

4. His change-up is three mph faster (88 mph) than Jamie Moyer's best fastball (85 mph tops).

5. He throws strikes.

6. 63 k's to six walks in 47 innings (with two of those walks being intentional).

7. He has finally made me feel at peace when the Dodgers are in a tight game going into the 9th.

8. He's Canadian (not necessarily a positive, but it adds to his overall goofiness).

9. He sucked last year as a starter.

10. He wants to throw nine strikes each inning, with none of them touching wood.

Go Dodgers!

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