Saturday, November 15, 2003

Stalking Steve Phillips by Brian Cogan

I was going to deliver a spell-binding and heart-pounding account my successful pursuit of Steve Phillips when I accidentally learned how much the other writers at Zisk were being paid.  Steve Reynolds alone gets five hundred dollars a word! 

Clearly this cannot go on.  As of this moment I am engaging in “Operation Shutdown” which will commence now and end when a large packet of cash reaches me on my boat.

Please remember that I am only in this for the kids and the love of the game.






























































Brian Cogan, Ph.D. has probably suffered more for the Mets than anyone else in his household this year alone.  He teaches for Molloy College and New York University, writes for anyone who will meet his outrageous salary demands and bemoans the salary cap recently instituted for Go Metric writers.  In Little League he once hit a double.  He can be reached for endorsement deals at

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