Saturday, April 17, 2004

Zisk Issue # 8

And now a word from our editor’s mom regarding some of the language used in Zisk #7…

The other morning, a work morning ever so early, I was eating my usual work day breakfast—a mix of Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios with soy milk. And as usual I wanted something to read with my meal. Ahaa, a good time to take a look at Zisk, a magazine put out by my oldest son. Hey, here's an article about people I know—two of my sons and their uncle (referring to “The Year in Baseball: 2003 – As Seen by the Faloon Family”). Great!!

Well, I started reading the article and then I started chocking on those little o’s trying to make their way to my stomach. I came across these words that were absolutely horrible, words I'm not sure what they meant. And to think they were used by my own fresh and blood, babes out of my womb. I was just appalled to think that my sons who I have never heard say anything naughty were using such awful, awful language. Needless to say no way could I finish my breakfast of champions. Then I thought it had to be someone else using the Faloon name. Hopefully I’m right.

Mary Faloon

Neither my brother nor my uncle could be reached for comment, but, Mom, I know Casey (my brother) warned you about the last issue and that you opted to ignore him. For the love of god do not read the last article in this issue. —Mike

Numbers Freak by Len Vlahos

The Hack Man by Ken Derr

Rants From the Upper Deck by Steve Reynolds

The Last Days at Fulton County Stadium by Sean Carswell

Richard Nixon, Reggie Jackson and My List of Enemies by Mike Faloon

The Pete Rose Case: One Fan's Opinion by Jeff Herz

I Call Him Skywalker by Kip Yates

What An Asstro (Fan): Why I Think My Friend Kip Is a Wiener by Lisa Alcock

You Gotta Bereave by John Weber

The Most Exciting Event in All of Sports by Johnnie Whoa Oh

The King of the Bay Area by Sara Dierck

Bo Belinsky: Ladies Man Supreme by Tim Hinely

The Oddball Events of 2003 by John Shiffert

Hot Stove, Cool Music, Great Cause by Steve Reynolds

Apes and Angels: Contemporary Baseball Fiction and MY Century of Misery by Michael Baker

The Real Red Sox A to Z by Frank D'Urso

The Curse of Donnie Baseball by Len Vlahos

What Shall I Do Now That My Cookie Has Crumbled? A Zisk Guide to Rooting for Some Other Team by Mark Hughson

Time to Eliminate the DH by Jeff Herz

A Valentine's Day Massacre by Kip Yates

Dad and Baseball by Sara Dierck

My Relationship With Baseball by Lisa Alcock

The End of the American Pastime by Johnnie Whoa Oh

Some Bitter, Bitter Winter 2003 Baseball Thoughts by Jeff Herz

The Comedy of Baseball by Steve Reynolds

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