Tuesday, September 27, 2005

9/26 - Mets 6, Phillies 5

8 out of 10? Huh? Why didn't this happen at the beginning of the month? And has any team ever had four Asian-born pitchers throw in the same game (Jae Seo, Danny Graves, Kaz Isshii, Shingo Takatsu)? And how did the Mets win this game with Graves, Ishii and Takatsu pitch in the same game? And how grateful were we all to not see Braden Looper come out in the 9th?

Finally, I really wish I had recorded last night's game--hearing Gary Cohen and Howie Rose talk about the death of Don Adams (with references to other famous 60s sitcom actors that lived next to their relatives) was better than any comeback win.

Three more wins this week, and the Mets will be over .500 for the first time in four seasons. A fan can dream, can't he?

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