Friday, September 23, 2005

Moving on to '06

Last night was Open House at school, which is a very weird experience for me because I talk for 25+ minutes straight. Granted, I talk all day for a living, but seldom do I go for more than a couple of minutes without input from my students; the day is based in dialogue. Open House, though, is more like a lecture, my attempt to summarize 180 days worth of reading, writing, social studies, math, and science. Talking at people is as tiring as it is uncomfortable. By the time I got home the Mets game was over and, as I unwound, the only thing I could catch was Pedro's post-game interview, in which he said, basically, "I'm tired, Willie made the right move. I'm here for four years." He and Willie seem to be planning for 2006 already and that makes sense. I'm at that point, too. I tend to forget about Mets games at this point in the year, despite the fact that they've won four of their last six. I do hope they get to 81 wins, though.

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