Friday, January 06, 2006

Off Season Digest # 5: Wait, We Still Have a Site?

Yeah, we in the Zisk offices have been slacking through the holidays. For a Mets-leaning blog, we've been kind of silent since the whole Carlos Delgado thing--Paul Lo Duca coming, Jae Seo going, all that Manny talk, we've ignored all of it. So for those of you checking in occasionally, look for the site to get a bit more active once pitchers and catchers report in six weeks. We also encourage you to check out Faith and Fear in Flushing and Mets Geek for some fine off-season writing to satisfy your baseball fix.

Look out for our latest print edition (#12) to hit your mailboxes in mid-to-late April, with issue # 11 up on the site in February.