Saturday, March 03, 2007

Do You Hear That?

It didn't really click in my brain for a couple of days.

I saw parts of two Mets spring training games at work with the sound down, so I knew baseball was upon us again. I read stories about the various pitchers the Mets had in camp battling for a slot in the rotation; how Mike Mussina called out Carl Pavano; how D-Mat looked a bit tubby when he showed up for Red Sox camp; how Tommy Lasorda was mentioned in a new book from a Hollywood madam (shudder); how Gary Matthews Jr. and Jerry Hairston Jr. were implicated in the latest steroid bombshell that was broken wide by my former home area paper, the Albany Times Union; and that the Mets marketing department picked "Your Season Has Come" the team’s 2007 slogan. (Shudder)

But then this afternoon I heard Gary Cohen's voice calling a flyout to Moises Alou on Ch. 11 and it just hit me:

Baseball is back.

That means life is about to get good again, and Mike and myself will start posting again. We're gearing up for issue #14, which should hit mailboxes by mid-May. This is about a month later than our usual spring issue, but we wanted to give ourselves and our contributing writers a little more time to ponder their baseball thoughts. I know we have some good stuff lined up already.

As for our third year of Mets-related blogging, we're once again going to take a different path. Since my Issue #13 cover story on Keith Hernandez was such a hit, I decided that anything I write about will only relate to what Krazy Keith says on the SNY and Ch. 11 telecasts. That means I won't be posting every day, but the posts are about to get a whole lot funnier. Alas, I can't remember what Mike was going to blog about this year. I'm sure he'll let you, the reader (and me, the co-blogger) know soon enough.

Finally, here's the scariest discovery of this spring training time: Fran Healy does a baseball podcast. I think you can come up with your own joke.

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