Sunday, March 25, 2007

Keith's in Mid-Season Form; The Mets, Well...

Got a chance to turn on today's Mets-Astros spring training game on CW 11 while doing some work on the computer in my bedroom, and it took less than an inning for Keith Hernandez to show he was more than ready for the regular season to start.

--He gushed about adding purple to his highlighter collection. (He added in the 7th inning when the Astros knocked Jorge Sosa out of the game, "I hate when they bat around; it screws up my scorecard." He then revealed he marked the bottom of the 7th in the Astros side, not the Mets, so he pleaded with Gary for some whiteout.)

--On Astros pitcher Wandy Rondriguez, Keith claimed "Wendy is Wendying it. Or I mean Wandy. Right."

--On a sloppy inning on the field from the Astros: "This is like one of those innings out of They Shoot Horses, Don't They?"

--While Ralph Kiner was in the booth, Keith mentioned he was seeing Rusty Staub tonight and that le Grand Orange was doing the cooking. "That means lots of butter."

--And finally, this gem in the third inning between Ralph, Gary Cohen and Keith:
Ralph: "Keith, you're a dancer, right?"

Gary: "You're going to be on Dancing With the Stars this season, right?"

Keith: "That reminds me of an old Three Stooges line. My father died dancing--on the end of a rope. Nyuk, Nyuk."

Oh yeah, it's gonna be a fun broadcast season.

As for the game, this team just does not look ready to defend their division title. I know it is spring training and all players hate the last two weeks in Florida, but that's no excuse for the sloppiness on display. Maybe they'll pull it together in the next six days, but I think we won't be seeing a 9-1 start this season.

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