Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I Suppose I Should Write Something About 2008

After our regular commenter Theresa checked in below, I figured I should take to the blog today to give an update on all things Zisk. Our next print edition is due out the first week of May, baring any setbacks. And when I say setbacks, I mean yours truly going into the E.R. again or going through eight hours of medical tests in one day like I did last week. I did watch yesterday afternoon's game, but not close enough to take note of what our beloved trio were saying in the booth. I'm still getting used to my new combination of high blood pressure drugs, so sometimes I'm focused, alert and my normal self. Other days, I am very sluggish, have a hard time focusing on anything and my spelling becomes even worse.

Even before my medical issues, Mike and I discussed what, if anything, we would do Mets-blogging wise this year. He's got another kid on the way, so his writing time will be cut down even more. I felt extreme burnout on blogging by the end of last season. So I'm honestly not sure what we're going to do. I imagine when I start feeling better I'll feel compelled to write about our Terrific Trio. (Hey, that's a good name for what my posts could be called...) Until then, just consider us on the 15-day DL for now.

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Anonymous said...

All the best, guys!!! Rest up and get better. Maybe you'd better lay off the drinking game for the moment-- it's guaranteed to have anyone pie-eyed by the fourth inning anyway.