Monday, October 01, 2007

As I Said Before...

"This team is just not likable." --Me, 8/16

And that's why I feel nothing this morning. Not anger, not disappointment, not sadness. Nothing. Relief...perhaps. I can still watch my second favorite sports team in the world, the Boston Red Sox, in the playoffs. That team never seemed to take their talent for granted this year. Or be "bored" by the regular season. And I can start watching How I Met Your Mother ("---dary!") again on Monday nights.

I'm sure every Yankee fan and Mike and the Maddog are going on a full on attack, but there's nothing they can say that I haven't already written about this collection of underachieving, too much public-celebrating while winning nothing, not willing to run out ground balls because they bought into the own hype players.

My friend Jason (who I ran into yesterday at the Atlantic Antic, which I went to because it seemed stupid to stay at home and watch what I knew would happen) at Faith and Fear in Flushing writes a devastating indictment of this team that I couldn't agree with more. I encourage all Mets fans to read it today.

So what's next for the Mets? Who knows, but I imagine a big shake-up of some sort. Is firing Willie Randolph the solution?

What's next for the Zisk blog? I will likely post some thoughts about the playoffs, and look for issue #15 to be online at the end of October (printed copies will be going into the mail a week from today).

One last thought: Thank you to Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling for making this up and down season always worthwhile watching. I'm not sure if I'd go through an entire year of blogging about their broadcasts again (unless I get a DVR), but it was fun to attempt to do.

I'm rooting for a Red Sox-Cubs series. How about you?

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