Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Can Anyone Here Call This Game?

After almost of week of TBS broadcasts it is very easy to come to one conclusion:

Turner Sports does a good job with the NBA.

Holy crap, some of the Division Series games looked like minor league broadcasts. And as much as I put down the yahoos at YES, at least they make the game look good visually.

And don't get me started on the amount of errors Chip Carey said during the Indians-Yankees series. The guy obviously never called an AL game in his life--and he thinks runs in the 7th inning will finish a game.

Fortunately I don't need to go off on the guy, as the great New York Times TV columnist Richard Sandomir did an amazing job in his column Tuesday picking Carey apart bit by bit. It's a must read. As a bonus, his column for Wednesday is already up as write this, and he describes WCBS-AM's Suzyn Waldman and her crying during the postgame Monday night. He gives her a pass, but after hearing her call of the Roger Clemens return announcement in May, it is very much fair game to say she's a moron and a shill.

TBS is doing one thing right by bringing Ron Darling into their studio for the NLCS. His work with Dick Stockton in the Cubs-Diamondbacks series shows that he has truly come a long way since he sounded illiterate working on Washington Nationals games. At least Darling knows the league and will make up for the average "well, this is how I would do it" analysis of Cal Ripken and the "I don't want to offend anyone on these teams" ramblings of Frank Thomas.

Lastly, this annual Elimination Day thing seems to be gaining steam.

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