Saturday, September 29, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: Back to the Future, Again

Okay, I lied. I watched today's game. Both of them, actually, while doing layout on Zisk # 15. First, the negative:

1) Jose Reyes. Not running out that chopper was moronic. He needs a bit of an attitude adjustment.

2) Lastings Milledge. See # 1.

3) Tim McCarver. Well, duh.

Then the positive:

1) John Maine. Wow.

2) The offense. Wow

3) The brawl. Passion on the field? Who would have thunk it?

This game felt like I had take a trip back in time to last year. I was doing Zisk on a beauty of a fall day, there was great baseball on the work TV and Ralph Kiner was once again amazing in the booth.

Gary: In the mind set of changing things up, we welcome Ralph Kiner into the booth now [in the 2nd].
Ralph: I'm about ready to fire you guys. It's tough watching them lose.

Classic. And Kiner didn't hold any punches back in strongly criticizing the unnamed Mets player who said it would be less pressure on the team playing before the Phillies because they wouldn't be able scoreboard watch. His disgust at Reyes not running out that chopper was amazing to hear as well.

Oh, and Keith and Ron are in prime form too...

--Don't disgust us
(During the pre-brawl bench clearing, SNY cameras captured Jose Reyes walking back to second.)
Gary: There's Jose Reyes and Matt Lidstrom, old minor league teammates, sharing pleasantries.
Keith: That's wonderful. Take him out to lunch.
Ron: Jesus.

--I'm King Keith!
(SNY shows some various signs in the Shea stands)
Ron: We've got to find the one that said "Keith for President."
Gary: No, I think he wants to be king.
Ron: Emperor.
Keith: Congress wouldn't stand a chance with me in there.

--Keith is down with the ballpark sounds
(That WAY overplayed "everybody clap your hands" song is played, again)
Keith: Shake it up y'all.
Gary: You didn't clap your hands.

So does one game make up for four months of passion-less bullshit? No. But has my faith been renewed a tiny bit? Yes. Today this looked like the team I grew to love last year. Maybe they really needed to be challenged, who knows. So I think I might forgo my trip to the Antic, wear as much lucky Mets gear as I own and sit at home and flip between both games.

Whew. Its been a long 161 games.

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