Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: One is the Lonliest Number...

Tonight's latest debacle was the last game of the season I'll be able to watch with the sound on. Thursday I have a birthday party, Friday I'm going to a gig with some friends, Saturday I have plans and Sunday is the Atlantic Antic. And I must admit, I'm kind of relieved. I won't have to worry about keeping notes anymore while I want to stab the TV after watching Mel Rojas impersonator after Mel Rojas impersonator come into each game the past 2 months. Its like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

And you know what, I think Keith feels that way too:
(When the upcoming schedule came upon the screen, Gary started laughing when he noticed that next Tuesday said "SNY Staff meeting")
Keith: I'll be in Richmond by then
Gary: Keith will be visiting Civil War sights by then.
(Then Gary says he and Ron hatched an idea for a new SNY show, which they haven't brought up to their bosses yet)
Gary: Keith, we think a great show would be to send a camera crew on your drive down to Florida.
Ron: Just make sure the camera crew is there one minute after the game ends on Sunday.

I might check in again before the regular season ends, but what's the use? How much more angst and anger in print (or better put, webpage) needs to be spilled? Its been so bad this month that my co-blogger has been stunned into silence (well, there's that, and the fact that school started up again). This 2007 team has been a mediocre club since late May and doesn't deserve to sully the postseason with their presence. Good luck to our neighbors down South (and to my friends and Phillies fans Hank and Dave and Moria) against Arizona. Let's hope you don't have another Mitch Williams lurking in Brett Myers.

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