Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: I Came Back for THIS?

This exchange from last night sums up the Mets play while I was on vacation:

Gary: What is it you always say, "Don't put your head in the oven?"
Keith: Nope, not yet.
Gary: Um, when can Mets fans put their heads in the oven?

Hmmm, how about now Keith?
Maybe I should go back to Austin so I don't have to witness this collapse. Also, I'm not surprised at all with a 5 game losing streak. Anyone that has watched this team play can see its consistent in being inconsistent. Only the 2003 team underachieved more in the past decade.
That being said, they could go on another tear and streak through the playoffs. Who knows?
I found myself watching last night's game with some detached amusement, like I wanted to see how they could blow it. I'm sure I'll have that feeling the rest of the season, whether it be 12 games or longer.

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