Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Addition by Subtraction

I didn't watch TV or listen to the FAN last night, so I had no idea this deal had happened until I read the paper on the F train. Mota's gone and the team gets a starting catcher in return? Sweeeeeeet. One of the soon to be hundreds of steroid boys and one of the worst resignings by the Mets in the past three years gone? Who do we boo now? I mean, we don't have Tom Glavine to unleash our pent-up fury upon (except when he returns in the enemy's uniform). And as a plus, Johnny Estrada seems perfectly capable of splitting time with Ramon Castro.

But the Daily News says that might not be the plan. Adam Rubin writes:

"'Johnny adds depth to our catching situation,' GM Omar Minaya said in a statement that raised red flags because it suggested that Estrada and Ramon Castro may not ultimately be the catching tandem by Opening Day. (Now, other teams may have less leverage in a potential trade with the Mets for a catcher because viable alternatives are in place.)"

Hmm, looks like the Mets off-season might be more interesting than we thought.

The best headline inspired by this trade? Greg at Faith and Fear in Flushing scores with this gem:

Mota-ring! What's Your Price for Flight?

Sweet indeed.

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