Friday, November 16, 2007

This Day Isn't So Taxing

The past 24 hours have brought a smile upon my face, to paraphrase Coldplay. To wit:

--Derek Jeter is a Tax Cheat? Oh, sweet. The teflon is wearing off him like my old frying pan I just tossed this week.

--Yankee fans are stuck with A-Rod for a decade. Of course, they'll have that amazing offensive production, but they'll always have a distraction every day with his baggage.

--Barry Bonds has batted leadoff for the winter of our steroid discontent, which ought to see a whole bunch of good dirt come out once the Mitchell report is released. I look forward to the surprising names (i.e., lots of pitchers).

One more thing on the Bonds front--Will at Deadspin has the best take on it today:

"Let's be clear: Bonds is not being indicted for taking steroids, or ruining the game, or simply being an asshole. He's being indicted for lying about something the government has yet to prove; it's the Martha Stewart principle. It's gonna be a tough case to prove, but that's not the point of this; it never was. Right now, the general public believes there's new information about Bonds, that the government is finally punishing him for the sins we all believe he committed. There isn't ... but we want our pound of flesh. We want justice."

On the non-smiling front, Cincy lost a legendary voice and pillar of their baseball community. I encourage Zisk readers to vote for Joe Nuxhall in the Ford C. Frick Award nominating process. (And why don't you vote for Ralph Kiner too, just because.)

Oh, Zisk # 15 is now online.

Lastly, on a non-baseball note--who the fuck would vote for that jackass Lou Dobbs? He needs a good kick in the cock. And I think a gang of Mexicans are just the ones to do it.

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