Wednesday, August 24, 2005

8/23 - Mets 14, Diamondbacks 1

Well, this was unexpected. A tremendous offensive outburst, decent pitching from Victor Zambrano AND the DFA of Danny Graves (YEAH!), which kept Mike "Who Needs to Stop at AAA" Jacobs on the roster and at first.

Still, please move Zambrano to the bullpen, at least until Steve Trachsel proves himself one way or another.

In other news, last night's Twins-White Sox game was easily the best I've seen all year. Three amazing crash-into-the-baggie-wall-at-the-Metrodome catches to save a shutout (twice) and a no hitter (once); two great pitchers (Johan Santana and Freddy Garcia) throwing as if their playoff lives depended upon it; and finally, Garcia's no-hitter broken up in the 8th inning by a crushing solo shot by Jacque Jones. As he crossed the plate, with the Metrodome sounding as if it was 1991, he pointed the sky and looked as about as emotional as any player I've seen this year. When he finally was sitting down in the dugout, the Twins broadcasters mentioned that it was Jones' last at bat before he was leaving the team for a couple of days as his uncle had died earlier in the day.

Wow. Talk about drama. Just another reason baseball is the greatest sport ever. (Check out Bat Girl for a Twins perspective on the best game of the year.)

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