Friday, August 26, 2005

8/25 - Mets 3, Diamondbacks 1

My first thought in the 5th inning was, "What if Pedro is at 120 pitches, with a no hitter, in the bottom of the 9th?" I was so relieved it didn't come to that. This game yet again proved that Martinez has become a craftier pitcher as he gets older. Even though he walked a bunch of D-Backs, he was still able to get them to swing (or just look at) a variety of breaking balls.

I still refuse to get excited, even though the Mets are 1 1/2 games back in the Wild Card. This is the same team that lost five in a row, then won six in a row at the begining of the year, and has clung to .500 like Linus's blanket. If they're still in this race on September 12th (after a road trip through Florida, Atlanta and St. Louis) then I might.

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