Saturday, August 20, 2005

Kaz Who?

While this season hasn't been a banner year for a Mets fan, the resurgence of low scoring games, like tonight's 1-0 win over the Bucs, has been a joy to behold; every play is magnified ten fold. Driving home from dinner the first thing we heard was Victor Diaz putting the Mets ahead by driving in Ramon Castro in the bottom of the seventh. Then in the top of the eighth, the mofo nearly gave the game away by dropping a line drive in right field. Jae Seo, he of ever-shrinking ERA, had no room for error and came up aces. (One earned run in his last 23+ innings.) Why on earth did it take the Mets so long to bring him up to replace Ishii? Lucky for us we were home in time to see Reyes make that laser strike to first to complete a double play in the ninth.

Now, how much longer until they decide whether or not to put Piazza on the DL?

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