Friday, August 12, 2005

Ain't We Lucky We Got 'em!?

My brother, Casey, and I caught the beginning of the Mets game as we sat in traffic on 495 North in Massachusetts. Later, two hours into Maine, we caught the final score on NYC's WABC, the AM home of the Yankees. Classy as ever, the Yankees announcers read the Mets/Padres score without mentioning the collision between Cameron and Beltran, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, which is fine given how much time they, the announcers, have to devote to reminding listeners of the heroic nature of Jason Giambi's month long comeback. ("It's hard work!") Casey swears that Giambi is back on the juice and that the Yankees are picking up the tab. He says that Giambi has nothing left to lose and the Yankees are going to pay him either way so why not try to squeeze some production out of the guy? Though completely lacking in evidence, I like Casey's thinking.

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Brushback said...

One of the things about the Yankees' announcers that bugs me the most is when a Yankee player does something like bloop a single over the infield to drive in a run, and one of the announcers says smugly, "The Yankees will always do what it takes to win." As if the player swung the bat with every intention of just hitting a little blooper.