Thursday, August 25, 2005

8/24 - Mets 18, Diamondbacks 4

Gosh, that's a nice score, isn't it? I bet Pedro wishes they saved some runs for his start tonight.

I got home last night late, and turned on WFAN figuring they would be at least talking about the game. The first thing I heard Gary Cohen say when the receiver came on was, "Well Mike Jacobs has added to his legend tonight." I mean, who could have expected a AA catcher-sometime first basemen would hit four home runs in his first 14 plate appearances in the big leagues. Is Jacobs the new Shane Spencer? (Not the Spencer that played for the Mets last year, the Spencer of 1998, of course.) Also, how good are David Wright and Jose Reyes going to be in a couple of years? And what happened to Kaz Matsui and his sudden ability to hit? Really, what is going on here? Too many good things at once freezes my brain...

Being a Mets fan, I have to mention the negative--why aren't Cliff Floyd and Carlos Beltran hitting on this trip? And why do I have a sickening feeling we won't get a sweep?

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