Saturday, August 27, 2005

Trachsel's Return

I'd expected Steve Trachsel to pitch a decent game last night, a decent game, mind you, for a guy who hadn't pitched an MLB game in 2005. I expected him to go five or six innings, give up three or four runs, depend on another offensive explosion to salvage a win and then, after the game, talk about how good it felt to be back on the mound and how his mechanics were sound. That's the script guys are supposed to follow when they start on the comeback trail; happy, even though they just got doused with whoop ass, and humble, because, well, you know, this is professional sports, they're always humble.

Trachsel followed the post-game part of the script, but holy hot damn, did he ever exceed expectations during the game. Eight shutout innings, just over 100 pitches, and he made a 1-0 lead stick, he even had a no-hitter into the sixth inning. Granted it was only the Giants, who have replaced the Angels as the grazing grounds for players put out to pasture, but it was on the road, a place that has tripped up the Mets all year.

The Mets are now 68-60. When's the last time they were eight games over .500?