Thursday, May 04, 2006

The M&M Mets: Pedro Has a Flashback

Heard in the Mets clubhouse during the bottom of the 9th last night...

Pedro Martinez: Wait, is that Braden Looper on the mound?

Aaron Heilman: No, Billy Wagner.

Martinez: I think I need to get the bullpen a midget...

Yeah, Wagner gave Met fans nightmares last night, but Carlos Delgado turned them into nice peaceful dreams.

Pedro was once again, well, Pedro. And he only threw 77 pitches, and any time we can save wear and tear on his arm is a good night. Kaz Matsui still looks good in the field, but the wet Shea faithful gave him some flack for 2 strikeouts--and leaving four runners in scoring position. I wonder if the honeymoon is over?

And how about Endy Chavez? This guy is turning from no-hit, all-field to good-hit, amazing field. I wonder if he is this year's Marlon Anderson.

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