Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Wright and Wrong Report: A Baseball Overdose

I didn't think it could ever happen to me, but I believe this holiday weekend I caused myself to overdose on baseball. Because my allergies had me wanting to scratch my eyes out, I stayed in my apartment the entire weekend, only going outside Monday when I felt fine enough to do laundry, hit Food Town and go for a decent walk -- all without sniffling. So my baseball diet ended up as the following:

1) Every pitch of all four Mets games.
2) One complete game and parts of two other Red Sox games
3) One complete Yankee game and parts of two others
4) The Giants game where Barry Bonds hit home run 715
5) 9 innings out of the 17 Astros-Pirates marathon Saturday night
6) Parts of at least 10 other games.

I'm glad I couldn't get online all weekend. I wouldn't have been able to stop writing.

Basically, the four Met games boiled down to this: when David Wright gets treatment for his back every day, he hits like mad and the Mets win. I wish my back problems helped the Mets this much.

Thanks goodness there's an off day Thursday--I declare that it will be a baseball free zone, just so I don't burn myself out before the All-Star break.

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