Monday, May 08, 2006

The Wright and Wrong Report: So Who Do I Write About Now?

So I lied. I did watch Saturday's game--right after Howie Rose on WFAN said, "Victor Zambrano is running off the field." I rushed from my bedroom to my living room to see the replay, and then watched yet another crazy game unfold. (Yet I still had time to go to OTB and lay down a few bets on the Derby. I won 70 bucks, thank you very much.) So Sunday's game I didn't see or hear at all, and after watching the highlights of Paul LaDuca's freakout and Jose Lima's blonde hair, I'm glad I didn't. Hey, 2 out of 3 against the Braves with the back end of the rotation? I'll take it.

As for Zambrano, the man who has been on the end of my insults all season, I'm sorry that his season is over, but I am so glad to not have to watch him and the "Zambrano Face" any more. So I guess my entries will now focus on David Wright and a goat of the day, or something like that. I don't know.

"I don't know." That's a phrase I'm sure we'll be hearing from Willie Randolph for a while regarding the 4 and 5 starters for the Mets. I'm in the minority I guess, but I'm not panicking yet. It's going to be a difficult 15 games (Phillies, Brewers, Cards all on the road; Yanks at home, Phillies at home) without those slots settled, but I think these team will be able to overcome those difficulties. There's no need to make rash trades of the prospects for someone to fill those slots yet.

Of course, I could be dead wrong and have to be talked down off a ledge by May 26th, but I hope not.

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