Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Wright and Wrong Report: Listening in the Non-Rain

With rain stretching from Missouri to Maine for what seems like weeks now, I knew that I had to take advantage of a brief shower-free window last night to do laundry. But there was no way I could miss the first game of the Mets-Cards series. My decade old walkman has a headphone jack that musty be jiggled approximately once every 2.5 seconds to hear the radio, so that would be no help. Payday was just on Monday, so with a few extra bucks in my pocket I stopped by Best Buy to pick up the Sony SRFM85V, which not only has AM and FM, but also the weather band and TV audio! How excited am I??!!?!!?!? This thing makes AM sound better than ever.

So what else was I talking about? Oh yeah, the game. It did sound great, and I think the new WFAN team of Howie Rose and Tom McCarthy are gelling nicely. (I especially found their discussion of Willie Randolph bobbleheads funny.) They also informed me that David Wright still hasn't hit a home run in May. But Wright did get the 8th inning post-rain delay rally going that finished off the Cards, so maybe the power isn't too far from returning. In related Wright news, I just about spit out my iced tea last night during the delay when some yahoo called Steve Somers, saying the Mets should trade Wright for Dontrelle Willis because, "He'll never get any better."

I just may be the only non-moron listening to this station. At least Somers had the sense to just shoot the- guy down by saying "No" repeatedly for about a minute.

Speaking of moronic, this may be the stupidest thing of the season. (And I'm not alone in thinking that.) I can't wait until these two yahoos have to read spots for the New York Board of Trade and remind us that it's the 15th batter of the game, so we better do a little research on Geico. At least I'll have the SRFM85V to hear it on.

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