Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not Giving Up Yet

There are plenty of reasons to give up after last night's heartbreaker:

--Shawn Green is moving as fast as me in right field.

--David Wright misses having Cliff Floyd bat behind him, or he's distracted that the Mets Triple A affiliate will no longer be in Norfolk, because he has reverted to that slump he had in August.

--No one on the roster seems to be able to hit with 2 outs.

--John Maine is no Chris Carpenter.

--Chris Carpenter could be the Chris Carpenter tonight.

--That day of rest paid off for the Card bullpen more than it did for Tom "Maybe This Goatee Was a Bad Idea" Glavine.

--Albert Pujols started smiling--and hitting--again.

But there is one important reason to not give up: You Gotta Believe.

I can't give up on this team (unlike some fans in my office). They have taken me on a great ride this season. And this ride I have enjoyed more than I ever did in 1986 (because I never got to see any games, only read about them), 1988 (because I didn't pay attention to sports) and 1999 and 2000 because I've been able to write down how I felt about it every day in this blog. At times it's been rather hard to nail down an entry, but it's been worth it wracking my brain 5 to 6 days a week.

And if nothing else comes out of this year, the Mets still got further in the playoffs than the Evil Empire. Ha!

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