Friday, October 20, 2006

Now The Hate Can Begin

Check out this tidbit about the Cardinals from the AP's story about last night's Game 7:

"During the champagne celebration in their clubhouse, players gathered around several times and chanted "Jo-se, Jose, Jose, Jose," mocking the popular chant Mets fans crow when Reyes comes to the plate."

Oh, how I hope the Tigers kill them. I want to see Scott Rolen's arm actually fall off when he tries to slide into home plate.

Fuck them and that arch that looks like, well, think dirty and you could probably come up with the insult I won't dare write. Next year (I promised I wouldn't write that today dammit) New York is going to rip them apart.

Okay, that felt better. And this makes me feel better too:

Monday or Tuesday I'll get around to digesting the whole season, and look ahead to 2007.

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