Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: Hey, I AM Keith Hernandez

Tonight's AFLAC trivia question was name the last Cardinal first baseman to win a Gold Glove before Albert Pujols did it in 2006. And right after Gary Cohen read that question, Keith chimed in with, "Wait, is that me?" Gary and Ron Darling couldn't contain their laughter at our self-aware hero.

Keith wasn't only aware of references to himself, he knew how damn cold it would be at the new Busch Stadium. So after being in cold storage for a year, Gary announced in the top of the 7th that is was time for "the unveiling of the Keith Hernandez Fur Collection." The jacket that many of the people in my office enjoyed last April was back in all its pimp-hand glory. Keith told the story about buying it after seeing it in a store display for a week. He went on to admit that it was quite an expensive purchase, but since it was November of 1986, he decided to go for it. Keith went on to say that he always lived by his dad's old expression about money, "You can't take it to the grave."

Lastly, in the 8th as the Mets started pounding relentlessly on the 2007 edition of the Cards, Keith said something that I think all Mets fans were thinking:

"Wow...what a way make a statement."

Indeed. Bye-bye Redbirds; enjoy the fall from your lofty and very lucky perch of last year.

An off day tomorrow, which allows me to ponder this statement from tonight's game. As Gary and Ron started throwing out words for fights, Keith chimed in with, "I like brew ha-ha. And after the game, you can have some brew ha-has. Ha ha!"

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