Saturday, April 07, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: The Sounds of Silence

Since I knew I would miss most of the opening game of the Mets-Braves series last night, I set my VCR (yeah, no TIVO yet) to record the game so I could play it back this morning searching for more nuggets of Keith wisdom. Alas, when I got home in the top of the eighth I discovered that my cable box had reset itself and was turned off. This did not make me happy. But at least the Extra Innings package should be available starting next week, so I won't rail against Cablevision too much. Yet.

I did learn one thing from what I did see live in last night's thrashing of the Jones boys--Keith is not a member of the AARP. Gary Cohen mentioned something about it (gotta love what they talk about in blowouts), which inspired this conversation:

Keith: No, I didn't join them, even though they keep sending brochures.

Gary: That's okay, you're not a joiner. You're still a kid

Keith: I'm like Peter Pan, a kid a heart.

Gary: I can't picture you in green tights.

Ron Darling: Keith's like Groucho Marx, he doesn't want to belong to any club that would have him as a member.

(Then Keith seems to realize a game is still going on)

Keith: Hey, what did Alou his last time at bat? I got confused writing it down.

Today is a FOX game (oh good, Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, awesome), so the next dose of Hernandez comes Sunday afternoon.

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Jonah said...

oldness was a theme through the entire game, which at one point featured birthday wishes to one of the sny staffers followed by crowd shots of withered old men... brilliant!