Monday, April 23, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: Keith's Not the Only One Who's Crazy

I got to see some of Friday night game--the moment Moises Alou broke up Tim Hudson's no hitter.

That made me slightly mad.

Then Cablevision decided to reset my cable box over the weekend, meaning that I got neither Ch. 11 game on tape.

That made me crazy.

And now Keith isn't working the Rockies series...which I'm okay with. I'm only getting to see about an hour of it total, so at least I won't miss any Keith goodness. And I just got to see a great Carlos Beltran catch!

So those of you who did see Keith this weekend, did I miss anything good? Let me know in the comments. (UPDATE: Check out Keith's love of spring and dogs in the comments. Thanks Theresa!)

Lastly, I will be going to D.C. Friday to see two out of the three games of the Nationals series, so the blog will be kind of quiet until next Monday.

UPDATE: Zoe at over at Pick Me Up Some Mets has some nice Keith visual aids to share. She's also on top of Keith's Tootsie Pop fixation.


Anonymous said...

All kinds of revelations!

Friday night- Ron and Keith tch-tch about A-Rod's showboating around the base paths. Cute-- they were on the most loathed-for-showboating teams in the history of the universe.

Not that I loathed them. I adored them. :P

When Keith gets his Tootsie pop, Ron again reveals his streak of New England Puritanism-- "You bit it already?"

The weekend was a Keith-Fest. Saturday was Dog Day at Shea, and dogs became a major sidebar.

Gary marvels at how well behaved the dogs are, and talks about how naughty his dogs are. Keith sets him straight-- "You're not strict enough." Keith's dog, Duncan, was on Page Six! Keith further reveals that he also has three cats. Gary has three dogs and three cats.

Keith loves the springtime. He rhapsodized about blooming cherry and Bradford pear trees. He also (MAJOR revelation!) loves the Moody Blues. He's just a big ol' Romantic Poet with a World Series ring. :P

Figgsrock2 said...

ACK--after reading that description, I am even more ticked at Cablevision.

And besides being a Moody Blues fan, did you know that Keith likes Eddie Vedder?

Theresa Muir said...

Well, from the loopy California of Keith's mind, we took a trip last week into the faintly melancholic New England of Ron Darling's. ;)

It's fascinating for me to see these two beloved Mets, twenty years on from the glory days. They had a lot in common—they were gorgeous, fretful, intense young men, loaded with intelligence and athletic talent. Keith, the older guy, had more time to enjoy the spoils of victory, with two World Series and an MVP. Darling never really had the career he should have had. Both ended up hurt, burned out, used up, exiled. Neither seemed like the type to age gracefully.

Keith is fun to listen to because of the sense of liberation from high expectations and harsh disappointments. Ron still seems haunted by them, and that’s why it’s more fun to listen to him with Keith—or Kiner— or Tom Seaver-- they’re able to pull him towards the loopy, exuberant, uncontrollable side of baseball, and he responds well. You remember him sitting in the dugout doing rally caps with Howard Johnson and Roger McDowell.

I sure believe Keith on a bright spring afternoon when he says if he could, he’d get out there “in a heartbeat.” But I also hear Keith’s ability to smell the roses, the Tootsie pops and the Bradford pears, if you will. ;) On the other hand, Ron is a fun dad—NOT. He takes his kids to the Holocaust museum when they’re in D.C. ;) Someone get this guy a Bahama-vention, please. Maybe there’s some way we can get Ron to plug in more to his inner Hawaii than his inner Boston.