Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: The Maine Event

John Maine was pursuing a no-no tonight, while Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez were pursuing the mystery of the Marlins scoreboard. Each picture of a Mets hitter was placed in front of a Times Square background...which for some reason had a picture of Borat.

Gary: "Why does Carlos Delgado have Borat with him?"
Keith: "I have no idea."
Gary: "It's like where's Waldo?"

(The conversation continued after a couple of pitches)

Gary: "I loved that movie, but what's Borat doing in Metsville."
Keith: "I'm aghast."

Borat wasn't the only film referenced in tonight's game. As Jose Reyes was trying to get his fourth hit of the night, Keith mentioned that when you're a hitter having a hot night in a blowout, you don't want to give up an at bat that easily. Gary then took it home:

Gary: "As a hitter, you wanna be Gordon Gecko."
Keith: "Yes, a Mike Douglas special."
(then a few seconds of silence)
Keith: "Um, Michael, yeah."

What I wouldn't have given to hear Keith going on and on a tangent about that week John and Yoko were co-hosts.

On a final note about Maine's six hitless innings: Gary made a comment about the only person who would have been disappointed tonight with a no-hitter--Howie Rose. The usual WFAN play-by-play maven was calling the Islanders-Sabres game back on the island. Gary said Howie would have "slipped into clinical depression" if he hadn't been on site to witness the first Mets no hitter.

And you know what? If it ever happens and I'm not watching it, I just might join Howie in the looney bin.

On a personal note: The fuckers at Cablevision still haven't agreed to carry the Extra Innings package because of the deal the In Demand collective made with MLB to carry the new Baseball Channel in 2009. I don't care that Cablevision is offering to pay for MLB.TV; my computer screen is meant for looking at this blog and some high class porn, not squinting at a shitty TV stream.

And as if my call to Cablevision today wasn't frustrating enough...Mark Buehrle had to come along and rub salt in my wound. Last year, I would have seen the last inning or even more.



Anonymous said...

Swear to Gosger the lack of Howie, he who disseminated the legend of the King Korn Kurse on Mets Extra 20 years ago (King Korn was the supermarket that in 1962 promised any Met pitcher who threw a no-no 50,000 trading stamps), crossed my mind. Then again, everything crosses my mind in the minutes before a Met no-hitter falls apart.

Anonymous said...

AND-- after Gary read the same "novella" Keith stumbled through Wednesday night, Keith politely said "You read promos much better than I do, Gary."