Tuesday, July 10, 2007

All Star Rants

1) Tim McCarver is a moron.
Um, you never heard the term busker? WTF? Also, Miguel Cabrera is NOT a free agent until 2009. Ignorant Fucko.

2) Postseason ads already?
Hey, how about we get through August before thinking about it.

3) DANE FUCKING COOK in said postseason ads?
Does anyone think he's funny? Anyone?

Help me jeebus, MLB really tries to drive me away every year. At least the nachos and hot dogs were tasty. And Cablevision is coming Friday a.m. to fix what is wrong--and give me a new remote.


Anonymous said...

I know, I know. Rupert Murdoch ate McCarver's brain. And Dane Cook, whatev. :P

Did anyone see Vecsey's piece in the Times today in which he said (reductio ad absurdum, of course) that Jose Reyes has to stop dancing around? But he didn't really give a reasoned argument why he has to stop it. He basically has to stop it-- and Carlos Delgado has to stop getting pulled into it-- because Vecsey doesn't like it.

Since the Mets have been in a mostly losing mode for the past four weeks, people want to change something, anything (and Rick Downs did just get fired). But I don't think any of these people really know what has to change.

Figgsrock2 said...

Yeah, that Vescey article had "cranky old man syndrome" written all over it. I do grasp that he wishes the team would take some things more seriously (I know I do) but he just went about it in a totally wrong way.