Saturday, July 28, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: I Want You to Talk Crazy

Looking over my notes for the past 14 innings of baseball, I can't even imagine what Keith and Gary will say at tonight's game after working three of them in 24 hours.

--Keith loves Merengue Night
Keith: The best part of it is that after the post game there's no traffic jam.
Gary: You sound like you don't like Merengue Night.
Keith: Mets fans will enjoy it I'm sure.
Gary: (Sighs) Me, me , me ,me.

--Keith could fix the Florida Marlins troubled pitcher Scott Olsen
Keith: He needs a couch he can lay down on.
Gary: Would you be in the big fluffy chair on the end?
Keith: I got a guy for him.

--Keith and Gary like their classic rock...but get some details wrong
(Paul LoDuca comes to the plate)
Keith: "Smoke on the Water" again.
Gary: That's not a Dominican song.
Keith: No, but it was written about a fire in Tokyo. (Actually, it was about a fire in Montreux, Switzerland)
Gary: Was it at Budokan?
Keith: I don't know.
Gary: At Budokan was a great Cheap Trick record. But it was a little later than Deep Purple. (Pauses a few seconds) You know, I want you to want me?
Keith: I like that song
Gary: "Surrender?"
Keith: No, I don't know that one.

--If its a doubleheader, Keith must be eating
Gary: What are you eating?
Keith: My ice cream. It helps my pipes.
Gary: Well, it clogged your pipes because I couldn't understand what you were saying.
Keith: It must have been the chocolate syrup.

Oh, I can't wait to get my travel mug tonight.

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