Monday, July 02, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: Gleep Glork, Green Block

So I should be happy that my cable box crapped out totally tonight? That way I didn't have to watch Tom Glavine pitch like he's at Coors Field.

Oh, wait...

Well, the Cablevision dude told me my box was updating with new software, so I'm suppose to leave it alone for an hour. I hope that's what it's actually doing, not just sucking my money out the window. Its not like I want to wait for a Cablevision guy to show up to fix everything. I can't imagine a bigger test of my patience.

In between the green blocks and audio dropouts, I did hear Gary Cohen tell Keith Hernandez something about the ACLU. I wonder what that was about?

UPDATE: Nope, its not the software. SNY still comes in horribly. Sigh. Guess I'll have to call Cablevision Wednesday or Friday and make an appointment for next week. It doesn't bother me that much, as the rest of my week is so busy that Friday night's game is most likely the only other one I get to see until the All-Star break. But still, it really sucks having to deal with cable folks. I am surprised that the Internet is still working this well.


Anonymous said...

Late in the game, Keith reported a text massage from Ron Darling (out on Rancho Relaxo, or wherever he's spending this !@#!ing series): "Enjoying the game?"

Anonymous said...

PS guys, you HAVE to vote for Keith's stache at Newsday's Mustache Madness!!

Anonymous said...

I think you guys better start churning out the haiku again. PLEASE.

However, yesterday's mega farce gave the Gary and Keith show plenty of room to expand.

A couple of shots showed a whole raft of Keith's womenfolk in attendance-- wife, two of his three daughters, and his granddaughter. I liked that the Hernandez clan seems old-fashioned when it comes to names-- the two daughters present were Jessie and Mary (it's a grand old name), and the grandaughter Maggie.

Shot of Miss Mary chugging a beer. "Oh, she's drinking a Budweiser!" moaned Dad. "Oh, Mary . . . Oh well, she's twenty-three, I can't tell her anything anymore."

The Paterfamilias's concerns also extended back home to where his doggie, Duncan does not like fireworks. "Poor Dunkie," the Doggie Daddy fretted. Revealed, ay Gary's prodding, that he's looking forward to "vegging ou" over the All Star Break, which will include walking Dinkie on the beach. "I just think it's so sweet that you call him Dunkie," said Gary.

We were reminded that Keith loves him his animals-- there are also three cats chez Hernandez, one of which is named Hadji, after Howard Johnson.