Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Sounds of an Off Day

So Keith is going to be back for the Pirates and Nationals series, but I'll only be able to blog three of the games because of more summer fun--tonight I've got to run some errands in the hood, so I'll be listening to the FAN; Wednesday my old college roommate is in town so he and I and our other roommate are getting together to reminisce; Friday its THE SIMPSONS MOVIE, WOO-HOO; and I'm going to Travel Mug Night on Saturday.

Its amazing how much more fun stuff I have discovered this year to do in the summer than watching baseball. I guess an underachieving team will do that to you. Last night I did get to enjoy the Extra Innings package (which is in full glory again after my cable was replaced) and hear the Red Sox team of Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy laugh about how certain parking security folks in Seattle and Cleveland hate the Rem-Dog. (These two are my second favorite announcing team because they never take themselves seriously.) I also watched about 5 innings of the Braves-Giants game to see if Barry Bonds would hit another splashdown. Alas, he didn't, but I was surprised to hear how good a team Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow are in the booth. I never thought of them as homers, Krukow's analysis was spot on for both teams and they also had a blast poking fun at F.P. Santangelo, who was out in right field hoping to catch a ball from Bonds. The Bay Area could do a lot worse than these guys.

Oh, and Ken Harrelson is still an idiot.

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