Monday, July 02, 2007

Crazy Keith's Corner: Was It Something in the Cheesesteaks?

The just past four game series in Philly (three of which were on SNY) brought out a lot of silliness in Keith, Ron and Gary (and sometimes Kevin). I couldn't hear the two Friday games, but seeing the Philly Phanatic throwing popcorn on Keith's head might have been the funniest image of the entire season.

I did get to sit and enjoy all of Sunday's game, which produced so many amazing tangents, such as Keith's Bermuda shorts collection, the "tin-cup strike zone," Gary's penchant for obscure facts that impress, amuse and disturb Keith and the napping habits of this crew. It was truly hard to keep up with it all, but here are my three favorites from Sunday.

1) Those sponsored billboards can get boring:
(Keith speaks after reading the same Lexus Mets defense as the previous two games)
Keith: I feel like a broken record
Gary: You mean a scratched CD.
Keith: Right. I guess the same defensive lineup is a sign of a good team, but I'm tired of reading the same thing. Can't we get rid of it?
Gary: You don't want to show the defense, you're gonna have to give back that Lexus.
Keith: Oh, I forgot about that.

2) Keith doesn't know all his diseases
(After a shot of Mike Pelfrey rolling the mouthguard around in his mouth, Gary decided an explanation was in order.)
Gary: He's got the mouthpiece for his TMJ.
Keith: What's that?
Gary: Well, it's a jaw problem.
Keith: You're sure? I thought it was a banned substance.

3) Keith wants everyone to get an education
(The SNY cameras caught Willie Randolph and Jose Reyes having a very lengthy discussion in between innings, and all three of them were trying to figure out what it was about)
Keith: Kevin's close. We should send Kevin to lip-reading school in the offseason.
Kevin: I'm gonna take French too, just in case the Mets sign someone else.

By the way, I did watch parts of Saturday's game, and I realized Tim McCarver is just senile and makes no sense nowadays. It's sad actually.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was a helium-filled weekend, what with Citizen's Bank Park, the Phanatic, and a very silly booth. BTW, why can't Keith just wear his Bermudas or cutoffs in the booth? They don't show them from the waist down anyway.

I particularly hate it when they seem to just fall flat after a series like that. It drives me crazy. You were just wide awake, guys, what happens to you?

The injuries to Sosa and Perez have me nervous, too.