Friday, July 13, 2007

Haiku: Mean Business

Legends pass in night
Julio and Henderson
Rick Down, go in peace


Anonymous said...

The ever-resourceful Zoe enlists Edward Hopper to comment on the loneliness and alienation of American baseball:

Anonymous said...

Sunday, on the Keith watch

Keith explained why Sunday afternoon games are tough, especially if on Saturday night, you were out "for a few popsicles."

And he is tough on the crew. "Anthony! You were out late last night. 12:30! I'm telling your dad."

Keith and Gary are full of nostalgia. Adam Dunn smacked one into the scoreboard, and later, we were shown an arm issuing from an invisible recess, and changing the broken lightbulbs.

Keith: COUSIN IT!!!


Gary: No, the hand was Thing. Cousin It was . . .
Keith: Oh, I like Cousin It.

This conversation then got so weird that I can't remember details except it went from the Addams family to former pitching coach Joe Pignatano, whom Keith assured us "is not a cartoon character."

And I now know that Thing's full name was Thing T. Thing.